Twin Rivers Resort is Re-Opening May 22, 2014!


Kootenai River white sturgeon and native burbot were once abundant in the Kootenai River. Today there are only about 1000 wild Kootenai River sturgeon left and native Kootenai River burbot are almost extinct. These species provided a culturally important Tribal fishery to the Kootenai people as well as a valued local recreational fishery.

In 1990 the Kootenai Tribe started a program to bring sturgeon back into the Kootenai River. Next year the Tribe will build a fish hatchery at Twin Rivers which will expand the sturgeon program and produce burbot for reintroduction into the Kootenai River.

The Twin Rivers Hatchery will share the Twin Rivers Resort site and once built, will include a visitor interpretive center so that guests can learn more about the Tribe’s project.

After careful consideration in consultation with the project contractors and the Resort managers, the Kootenai Tribal Council has determined it is in everyone’s best interest to close the Resort during hatchery construction.

This is for reasons of both safety and enjoyment of our guests. This project involves heavy machinery, excavation and debris removal, travel back and forth on a steep and narrow road. We’d like to avoid disturbing guests with noise, dust and travel delays.

More information on the Tribe’s hatchery is available at Restoring the Kootenai.

Please join us for our Grand Reopening in May 2014. We will begin taking reservations on February 1, 2014.